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Why use AirSource Systems?

Air source heat pumps are an efficient source of renewable energy for buildings. These unique heating solutions work by transferring heat throughout a residential or commercial system using a circulating structure of gas/liquid refrigerant.

For those in search of a sustainable approach to energy production, air source heating could be the answer.

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What is Air Source Heating and
How Do Air Source Heat Pumps Work?

Instead of creating heat through combustion (burning gas or oil), an air source pump uses efficient internal systems to move heat around a property. Unlike many heating solutions available today, heat pumps can generate more energy than they consume.

Air Source Heating

In an air source heating system, heat is absorbed through the atmosphere into a fluid, which passes through a compressor at a high temperature. The temperature is then moved around the various hot water and heating circuits of the property.

The two main forms of air source heat pumps are:

  • Air-to-air: These systems use fans that circulate heat around the home. Air-to-air heating solutions are not intended for water heating.
  • Air-to-water: Air to water systems distribute heat along a central heating system. They are ideal for underfloor systems and large radiators which emit low-heat temperature control over long periods of time.

The Benefits:

Air Source Heat pumps can offer a safer, more efficient heating solution to commercial and residential buildings. They are cheaper and more effective than standard gas, or oil-based boilers, and reduce carbon emissions significantly, while still supporting a good energy to heat conversion rate. Unlike typical heating solutions, heat pumps also require minimal maintenance, and can be adjusted to offer both heating in the winter, and cooling in the summer.

Aside from being highly versatile and efficient, Air Source Systems pumps have a longer lifespan than standard boilers, and can also generate financial benefits under government incentive schemes.

Air Source Heat Pump Installation: Are They Suitable for My Home?

The average heat source air pump is well-suited to a range of climates. It can produce hot air in winter, and cold air in summer. Though the heating system extracts warmth from the atmosphere, most heat pumps can recover heat from temperatures as low as -15° C, making them ideal for British property owners.

These pumps can work in tandem with, or replace conventional heating systems, and are often easier to install than alternative heating solutions. To determine if an Air Source Heat Pump is right for you, remember:

  • You will need a space outside of your home where the unit can be fitted;
  • Your home should be well-insulated - air source heating works best in draught-proof homes;
  • Installation is easier when combined with building work in the structure of new homes - particularly in the case of underfloor heating solutions.

Environmentally Friendly

Many experts consider heat pumps to be the next step in energy production. Not only is air source heat pump installation simple, but unlike combustion-based heating sources, air pumps produce little to no carbon emissions. For homes and businesses, Air Source Systems could protect the environment, and help to ensure a safer world for future generations by:

Financial Support and Costs

Though the initial cost of installing a heat source air pump can seem significant, the financial support and cost-saving strategies in place can make sustainable power more affordable for property owners.

Cost savings can vary depending on your current fuel costs, your heat distribution system, and your control system solution. However, most property owners throughout Scotland, England, and Wales see significant reductions in their heating bills because of air heat pump installation.

What's more, the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), encourages the uptake of renewable heat technology such as air source heat pumps through financial incentives. Eligible property owners can earn cash on the extra energy they produce for the grid using sustainable systems. Payments are made on a quarterly basis.

Eligibility Checker

Earn £1,500 to £4,000 a year
over the course of 7 years.

How Much Maintenance is Involved?

The simple, yet effective nature of air source heating ensures that these systems require minimal maintenance. The average air source heat pump is incredibly reliable, as air is the primary material it uses. Most systems last for at least 25 years, and do not lose efficiency over time. Many air source heat pumps come with warranties.

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